If I were to ask my mother what a hashtag is, I’m certain her response would something along the lines “something you have for breakfast” , and as I smh (shake my head) in disapproval and explain to her what is – her response would probably be something like “well why the fu** would you need that.” #Hashtagging has become a world wide social media phenomenon, not only it is apparent on such social media forums like Twitter and Instagram – it also has been displayed on Facebook as a sort comic relief or piss take for those whom use it seriously. According to good ole’ and reliable Wikipedia, #hashtags are an informal discussion forum made up of any combination of characters led by a hash sign is a hashtag, and any hashtag, if promoted enough by avid twitterers, tumblrer’s and instagrammers, can “trend” and draw more individual users to discuss using the hashtag.

#saywhaaattt – yes if enough people use #hashtags it then becomes a trending topic. The business relevance? The #hashtag trend has been used for the use of advertising (no surprises there) and promotion. According to an article which has appeared in Mashable – The Social Media Guide using hashtags can be an excellent way to connect with your audience and also extend it.

“Because hashtags tend to spread so quickly and because Twitter users often search hashtags for content
from people they aren’t following, using hashtags can be a great way to extend your reach on Twitter and
connect with your current audience in a more meaningful way. There are a wide variety of already
established hashtags — and new ones being created daily — that you can join. You need to be careful,
however, that your use of hashtags is consistent with both your brand and the tag itself.”

The article extends on how to use Hashtags for business, and goes into detail about the appropriate ways to use Hashtags .

“So which tags should you participate in? That depends wholly on your business and your purpose for using
Twitter. For example, it’s probably a bad idea to participate in the #robotpickuplines hashtag if you own a
health club and use your Twitter account to offer customer service to members. But if you own a record
shop, you’ll more than likely want to join in the #musicmonday hashtag, in which people tweet about what
music they’re listening to and suggest other musically-inclined users to follow every Monday. Or if you own
a restaurant, why not tweet out your specials or some recipes on #tastytuesday.”


Hashtags are a great business ploy and for those that use them well can actually help the business greatly. It is current and also will help with the marketing of your business. However if there is one thing I have learnt about hashtags is that to never ever use them on Facebook…



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